Mentor / Mentee Application

If you missed our meeting tonight, we handed out Mentor/Mentee applications.  This initiative will pair up experienced PRSSA students with those who are underclassman or new to the PRSSA scene.

Requirements: You must be a dues paying member to participate. If you didn’t pay tonight, you still have until tomorrow to pay.  Please drop off your money in an envelope addressed to CWU PRSSA to the Communication Department Office, located on the second floor of Bouillon Hall.  You can tell the secretary to leave it in Liz’s box.

You can download and fill out the application below and turn it in to Liz’s box by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 22, 2014.

We will have a Mentor/Mentee reveal at our meeting next Monday, October 27, 2014!

Mentor/Mentee Application

Garage Sale Time is Back! Get Involved Now.

Alright PRSSA people, it is time to get geared up for the start of school, PRSSA meetings, and being involved in this wonderful organization!

 I am sending out the garage sale sign up sheet now to give you plenty of time to worry about taking off work, and not getting hooked into babysitting or other commitments. We need all the hands we can get especially for set up on Thursday. So check your emails or send me one if you are not on our mailing list.

 The dates of the garage sale are Sept 19th-Sept 22nd but only half days on the first and last day. I would like all of you to fill in work times in black and open times in a bright color of your choosing. Feel free to take double shifts as well or let me know if you can help between hours I will fill it out accordingly on the master sheet I will be keeping.
 Please keep in mind we all need 5 hours of fundraiser service to be a full member of the club and that is is a great opportunity to help as well as bond with other members. Also don’t fear the over night shifts (we make them fun I promise!) If you have any questions or concerns please let me know asap and send me you schedules!!!
Send all inquiries to CWU PRSSA President Alex Homer at